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My take on this is that the plane will be found around 15th April and the black boxes retrieved later in the month. By end of month we will receive information which will be not comfortable and will cause changes in the society. There certainly has been a cover-up of some sorts and hopefully this will lead to betterment of our society.

A fresh BBC article talks about Hydrogen cars being now ready for the marketplace. This is actually misleading as the first hydrogen cars appeared already in 1970′s some as dual-fuel configurations. Yes there has been safety issues with storing hydrogen for sure but the real reason why everything has apparently taken so long is simply the fact that the oil companies do not want to invest into a competing technology. As the BBC quite rightly writes in this article:

“It’s very difficult for the industry to move away from petrol to a new fuel format, and the investment in fuel is normally done by the fuel supplier.”

So nothing really is preventing us for replacing our polluting cars other than the oil industry’s reluctance to invest into a new technology which will change their business to a less lucrative one. You see hydrogen can be produced from water and it does not require heavy investments in oil drilling. Anyone can really produce hydrogen with minimal capital. This is the key reason for oil industry not moving very fast on this subject as they would like to keep their existing business which is polluting the planet big time.

My older article:

As I have noted in my earlier post from 2011:

“…and there is real evidence that so called Planet X does exist. In our solar system planets do not quite follow the path they should. This was first hypothesized in 1841 when astronomers noticed Uranus did not move as predicted in it’s orbit. Based on these residuals, the search for Planet X began. We really do not know our solar system, or even our planet Earth that well at all. The only thing we know is that space is vast and full of mysteries.” (read full post: ”Time, Space and Planet Earth“).

Interestingly Guardian has published now a story which may give more evidence that the planet X might actually exist. Full Guardian article here and a brief extract here:

“The latest work has already thrown up an intriguing possibility. The angle of the body’s orbit and that of Sedna’s are strikingly similar, an effect most likely caused by the gravitational tug of another, unseen body. One possibility is a “Super Earth” that traces so large an orbit around the sun that it has never been seen.”

Maybe the aliens living on that planet finally arrive to sort us out as we cannot clearly handle it. Or maybe they are here already? 


flight map

My motto is always to search for the truth using an open mind. Going through the facts again and again and verifying them may help. I have also used psychic remote viewing technique to add information into the puzzle trying to combine the few facts we really know. At the same time I have to say its a huge tragedy and my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the passengers.

What we really know about MH370 seems to be the following:

  • Two persons boarded the plane with stolen passports. These persons are claimed to be of Iranian origin but it seems that the released CCTV photos of this two persons maybe manipulated.
  • The pilot of the plane was very experienced and had built a flight simulator at home where he had loaded airports around India to practise landing and one of them was the military airport called Diego Garcia. This may simply have been for fun but it also maybe important.
  • Flight tracking systems were disabled by someone with access to the flight deck
  • Pilots stopped communicating once the plane went “dark”
  • Once the plane left Malaysian airspace and was about to report to Vietnam the plane quickly turned left presiscely when it was between the two airspaces – not earlier or later.
  • The plane then spent 23 minutes at 45,000 feet which is much higher than it is allowed to safely fly
  • Then the plane dropped its altitude down to about 23,000ft disappearing from most radar systems
  • Several eyewitness statements have been received verifying a low flying passenger plane over Malaysia
  • Military radar picked an unidentified plane on Malacca Strait which may have been MH370 – this data was initially released, then denied and then verified
  • The plane was carrying some potentially dangerous items such as lithium ion batteries
  • The plane seem was heading to fly over Andaman Islands using a flight route towards Europe but then apparently ending up in the opposite direction flying towards Antarctica based on Inmarsat satellite data. So there was two or more major changes of direction based on this data.
  • 20 Freescale Semiconductor senior staff was travelling on that plane (Freescale is one of the oldest semiconductor companies in the world)
  • The Blackstone Group (major owners are the Rothschilds) acquired Freescale in 2006 together with other investors

So far the plane is not discovered. Only objects of interest have been identified in the Indian Ocean west of Australia but no verification if these objects are actually from the missing plane has been made. So we cannot be 100% sure the plane actually crashed there. Also if the plane was intentionally flying over Andaman Islands using a route used flying to Europe why it would then suddenly be completely somewhere else? If this is true then there is actually two or more major changes in direction.

The reason why I don’t like TED any more is that they censor the talks to fit into the existing world view and as such really not allowing true debate and open-minded scientific innovation. They do this banning based on talks that are not apparently scientific. Science in itself is just a form of inquiry, nothing else – it’s not a religion. But as Rupert says on this video modern science seems to be based on arguments which in itself are not scientific. We do need true open-minded science, not science which is based on old dogmatic world view.


It just might be that the discovery of vacuum energy as a limitless energy source, is to be synchronized with a spiritual renaissance for all of humanity MORAY B KING

It is true that how we produce energy for our society is linked to the spiritual evolution of the society. Currently energy production is a tightly controlled business mainly focusing on making more money for the owners of those businesses. Alternative or green energy is mostly seen as solar panels or wind turbines but really those technologies do not make any sense on a larger scale as their efficiency is not great.

How we produce energy at the moment is certainly not a sustainable obviously. The current energy agenda is driven only by the interest’s of a small group of people or businesses. These businesses do not want to invest into much more advanced technologies which would make their existing fossil fuel based technology obsolete. And I do not mean solar panels or wind turbines as they simply suck. I mean breakthrough energy innovations such as cold fusion (LENR), zero point energy (ZPE) or even hydrogen. Read more about them here.

Luckily there is plenty of stuff going on around this subject on the internet and a group of people have also created the Breakthrough Energy Movement which sounds as a promising forum. Their website is full of material which is interesting to browse.

Meanwhile I am hearing rumours that Cold Fusion replications (LENR) are on the rise. So I am sure we will hear something positive around that soon. However the energy companies need to loosen their grip and governments need to start investing more money into breakthrough energy technologies.

Alt Tech Article


Great video about Jim Marrs giving a presentation about mono-atomic gold and other things. It’s also a good introduction for alternative history and technology. Nothing we do or invent is new. It has all been done in the past and we certainly are not at the peak of the knowledge just coming out of the dark ages. Lets see if our civilisation even makes it or if there is another one soon starting a fresh.

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It’s that time of the year when everyone talks about dieting. After we have been over eating all those mince pies and chocolate puddings we want to get rid of that gained extra weight. And typically this is interpreted as a fat reduced diet and eating all those dieting products.

However it is now proven that this approach does work at all. We all know what happens in February, the chocolate snacks return and its just downhill from there. The only winners are the diet product sellers who profit nicely but the rest of us just gain weight.

There are two things that are really proven to work:

  1. Not eating processed food at all – just eating food as nature intended it!
  2. Getting your bacteria in your gut healthy!

How come processed food is not good for me? Well there are several things going on in your body when eating “modern” highly processed foodstuff. The first problem is high intake of sugars typically a form of glucose usually based on corn (this is what Diet Coke, Ketchup etc… are based on!). As a heart surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell who risked his career completely by going against the big corporates writes in his article (What Really Causes Heart Disease):

Today is (4 Ahau 3 Kankin) based on Mayan Long Count calendar. Google incorrectly (shame you Google joining the mass media on this, did you say we do no evil few years back?) claims this is the end of the Mayan Calendar which is totally wrong, its the BEGINNING of a new World Age, the fifth World Age which is another 5125 years long cycle called the 14th Baktun. Mayans had fantastic knowledge of the universe which culminated in the creation of a better calendar system we have currently. Seems the world for some reason likes to ignore the fact that Mayans were fantastic cosmologists – probably better than we are – and want to create negativity to turn the attention away from their calendar systems real meaning and function.

Maya’s had a cyclic time concept, similar to Hindu calendar system. Its only our Western calendar which thinks time being more linear.

Rather than wasting time about publicising silly facts about world ending, the energy should have been focused on understanding the Maya calendar system. Why did they count time in cyclic fashion and how they were able to create more accurate calendars than we have? Why did they count time in millions and even billions of years? We really do not know because the Catholics did a good job burning all the books – only few survived and rest are probably looked in Vatican as they would be too dangerous for our view of the history.

Anyway today is the day when we need to celebrate the beginning of a new Era! Hopefully for the better of humanity. The next 5000 odd years should be better than the last 5000 years.


Read more about Maya ”Read



“We are speaking out against deceit, lies and twisting of the truth, and turning us into folklore-for-profit. They are not telling the truth about time cycles,” charged Felipe Gomez, leader of the Maya alliance Oxlaljuj Ajpop. Read more from:

Mayan time concept is cyclic, not liner like the western calendar. Also the ancient Hindu calendars are also based on a cyclic view of time. Interestingly this book “Endless Universe: Beyond Big Bang” talks about a similar approach to time based on the latest cosmological studies – it is just all a big loop?

You can also read my earlier article about the cyclic Maya calendar.

And the correct Maya calendar image is below.

Maya Calendar Stone

Maya Calendar Stone

Globalisation was supposed to be good for us. But the only thing it does is to allow big corporates became even bigger and evade tax payments. This kills small local businesses and favours the few big global brands. Its time to do something about this at local level. This Christmas buy your gifts from local suppliers rather than from the supermarkets or from global online retailers such as Amazon.

There is one city in the UK which has taken a bold step even beyond that. They have established a new currency called the Bristol Pound. This is a local currency accepted by companies who participate in the scheme. So its not legal currency but valid in participating businesses. What this does it then starts creating a local monetary ecosystem which reduces the monetary leak out of the local system and favours the local suppliers. This is great but its not new. A system called LETS has existed for some time in the UK but it has not become popular. LETS in the UK did not allow you to buy LETS with Pound. You needed to earn them first doing some work and then you could consume them. I guess this reduced the take-up and it did not really break-through where it was used.

The Mayor of Bristol has announced that he will take his salary in Bristol Pounds! This is a fantastic backing for this local currency.

It seems to also have started well as:

  • AT least £40,000 Bristol Pounds are known to be in circulation around the city just a month on from its official launch.
  • And more than 350 independent businesses are accepting the new currency.

Wow. More local initiatives like this will certainly help to kickstart the local economies and help fighting against tax evaders such as Amazon.


As reported by IEEE Spectrum a study carried out by a Hebred University in Israel has been able to prove that our minds do process information even when we are not thinking about it. So our conscious thought is essentially just a tip of the iceberg so to say and the mind is processing stuff in the background all the time. Interesting!

The original study is titled “Reading and doing arithmetic nonconsciously“.




There has been lots going on around UFOs recently. Based on official reports the number of UFO sightings is going down but at the same time YouTube is filled with more and more UFO videos – many of them fakes obviously. Here is one video however which is shot by a credible TV station in the US and CNN also published the news. Rather strange!

CNN video report is available from this link.

Ivanpah is the latest in Solar energy business. It is the largest solar thermal power tower system in the world. Located in Ivanpah Dry Lake, California, the three-unit power system will be built on about 3,500 acres of public desert land.  Looking from the pictures it certainly looks impressive. But you need a huge amount of mirrors just to heat a small amount of water. All the mirrors direct Sun’s energy into a black tank located in the tower standing in the middle. Then the steam from this tank rotates a generator and voilà we have energy!

Ivanpah Solar Thermal System in California

I am all for energy innovations but I believe the future is more about breakthrough innovations which means we need to adjust our scientific models about the universe and not building ineffective solar panels or huge solar thermal plants which due to their size have always a negative impact in the ecosystem. Last week-end there was a conference in Netherlands about breakthrough innovations which would allow us to produce energy simpler, cleaner and cheaper (or nearly free).

This is a video of the solar eclipse visible in Australia yesterday. It clearly shows how the moon’s shadow completely fills or masks the sun. As a result of this masking Sun’s corona is suddenly fully visible due to moon completely masking the Sun.

When this happens animals stop and become silent. Darkness descends for few minutes. People travel around the world to see this fascinating phenomena. It is obviously a fantastic event and where observed it stops everything for a moment. Some scientist’s believe solar eclipse also alters gravity. This so called Allais effect has been measured but the measurement cannot be repeated.

This is new and cool. Standard photographic equipment has always been based on the idea of projecting a focused image on a plane. This new Lytro camera takes “living pictures” which means that not a single plane is captured but “the entire light field”. This seems to mean that the light ray direction is also captured not only the intensity of light. Interesting. As a result you get a photograph which can be re-focused AFTER taking the photograph (on a computer of course). 

Stunning, you can see the photos from the link below – just click on any area of the image to refocus. Uber cool. 

Seems the camera roots are here:



Again on the subject what do we really know, if anything? LOL.


In random I stumbled across this very ancient text written around 420BC by Herodotus. It is considered to be the beginning of written Western history. Obviously lots of other important material and history was burnt in the fire that destroyed the Ancient Alexandrian library around 48BC which is a big shame, but thats another story for another time. Some believe there maybe some rescued artifacts still be available in the closely guarded Vatican Library but most researchers do not have access to that library to verify this. So what we have left in public domain is not much.
Time lapse video of photographs taken by the crew of expeditions 28 and 29 onboard the International Space Station from
August to October, 2011. 

Now it is scientifically proven that a very small group of companies control most of the worlds assets. A study published for example in New Scientist reveal the following:

“When the team further untangled the web of ownership, it found much of it tracked back to a “super-entity” of 147 even more tightly knit companies – all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity – that controlled 40 per cent of the total wealth in the network. “In effect, less than 1 per cent of the companies were able to control 40 per cent of the entire network,” says Glattfelder. Most were financial institutions. The top 20 included Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and The Goldman Sachs Group.”


But who owns those 147 companies?