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About Me

Lauri Monroy

Senior Product Manager

  • 20+ years of Product Management experience both in the UK and USA

  • Experience in start-ups and large corporations

  • Experience in Telecoms, Retail, Mobile Apps, e-commerce

  • Experience in secure communication and secure networks

  • Experience in telecommunication networks and VOIP / SIP

  • Experience in Unified Communications (Voice / Messaging / Video)

  • Experience in critical software (five nines)

  • Experience in cloud-based solutions (Saas) 

  • Experience in Agile, Scrum and other modern software development processes

  • Experience in creating User Experiences, User journeys, Use cases and other methods of defining computer-human interaction models (human-centric design) 

  • Experience in product pricing, product marketing and go-to-market plans

  • Experience in analytics, user research, user testing and conducting user groups

  • Experience in working with offshore teams (engineering and product)

  • Experience in team management (product management teams)

What is Product Management

Product managers are responsible for managing a company's product line on a day-to-day basis. As a result, they are critical in both driving the firm's performance and producing financial gains. They are in charge of conceptualizing, planning, creating, advertising, and delivering products to their target market.

The role may consist of product development and product marketing, which are different (yet complementary) efforts, with the objective of maximizing sales revenues, market share, and profit margins. Product management is an active part of the initiation of a new product concept through to the readiness and commercial launch and sales of new products.

Product management drives the business case and justification to start new product development and has an active role throughout the steps and or stages to develop, test, and launch a new product.

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